Generate & Initialize

Choose a unique alias and a password of at least 12 characters and generate a 4096bit RSA key pair consisting of a public key (which will be registered with your account) and a private key (which does not leave your possession).

While your alias and public key are registered, your private key is encrypted with your password and stored on your device - it does not leave your possession and therefore only you can decrypt your data.

Aletheia Ware does not store your password or private key and therefore, unlike cloud storage hosts, cannot read your data. Instead, Space encrypts your data on your device using your public key before uploading it to the network and mining it into a blockchain. Upon download, Space decrypts your data on your device using your private key.

To prevent loss of access to your data in case your device gets damaged, lost, or stolen, Aletheia Ware recommends provisioning multiple devices (see Export & Import below) and making a hard copy of your key pair and storing it in a secure location such as a fire-proof safe, or bank vault.

Register & Subscribe

Storage services are offered to registered customers on a subscription basis.

Register your account by providing the following information;

Storage Service

Store your data with Registrars. Click Subscribe and provide the following information;

Encrypt & Upload

A 256bit AES key is generated and used to encrypt each file. The key itself is then encrypted with your public key, and, along with the encrypted file mined into the blockchain

List & Show

Each time a file is stored, a Meta object is created which includes the time, file name, mime type, size, and references the file's encrypted data. The Meta object is also encrypted but mined into a different blockchain, allowing you to list your stored files and view information about them, without needing to sync the blockchain containing the file's encrypted data.

Download & Decrypt

After being mined, your encrypted data and associated key can be downloaded and decrypted using your private key.

Tag & Search

Organize files by tagging them and then searching by tag.

Share & Receive

Files you own can be shared with other aliases, and files shared with you can be listed, shown, tagged, searched, and downloaded just like your files.

Export & Import

Your public/private key pair can be exported to other devices giving you easy access to your data from any supported device. Provisioning your key pair on multiple devices can help prevent loss of access to your data in case one of your devices gets damaged, lost, or stolen.

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